Urban Patrols

urbanpatrolIt is a concept whereby security officers are placed on the ground, patrolling a designated area either on foot or by bicycle. So ensuring visibility in the area and stamping out crime. This concept was taken over from the British, where our "Bobbies" patrol the streets, gathering intelligence and being the eyes and ears of the community.

The "Bobby"s will foster long-term relationships with the community. The areas being patrolled will be of such a nature that, after receiving a call or hearing an alarm, the "Bobby" can easily reach any emergency within seconds.". As an additional service the client can call the control room to ask a "Bobby" to ensure his house is safe should he come home late at night.

The overall safety in the area is also increased with the "Bobby" patrolling the area on a 24-hour basis" Second sentence: "The Bobby's main tasks will be to liaise with the community, keep in contact with all workers in the area, collection of intelligence in his/her area as well as reporting of all suspicious activities or people in the area.

All this information is logged and reports are compiled. These reports are kept in our archives and are also used for strategic anti-crime measures. This will be done in collaboration with the SAPS and the area-specific community.